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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the District responsible for?

We have decreased the mileage to provide more students with transportation. Elementary students that live over one mile away from their designated school are eligible for transportation. Middle school students that live over one and a half miles away from their designated school are eligible for transportation. State law says that students can walk up to a ½ mile to their designated bus stop.

Will you transport my student to daycare?
If a student needs to take another bus to daycare, we will accommodate families based on space availability on the bus going to the stop nearest to the daycare. We may not necessarily drop the student at the daycare however, there may be a stop close to that daycare center. Exceptions will be made on a first-come, space available basis. We may not be able to accommodate all students.

Pick-up and drop-off points must remain consistent for every day of the school week. However, the morning pick-up and afternoon stops can be different as long as those stops are consistent daily. For example, if a student is picked up from home in the morning and dropped off at ABC Daycare in the afternoon, this schedule must remain the same Monday through Friday.

Can my student go to a different group stop than where they were assigned?
Yes, if the group stop is on their assigned bus route. If the stop they are being picked-up from or dropped-off at is not on the assigned route, a form must be filled out at the transportation garage. Accommodations will be made on a space available and first come first serve basis.

IEP and Group Stops
If your child has an IEP, transportation is based upon the requirements in their IEP. If the IEP does not specify door-to-door transportation, the student will be assigned to a group stop.

If my student is in preschool or kindergarten, do I need to be at the group stop to pick him or her up?
Yes, a parent, guardian, or designee must be at the group stop to receive their kindergarten student.

Preschool students attending the Early Learning Center will have door-to-door transportation. A parent, guardian or designee must be present to receive the preschool student.

Who do I call if we have a problem or a question?
First Student at 216.797.7600 or 216.797.7601

Who transports students with special needs?
Hogan Transportation is the company that provides transportation services to our special education population.

Transportation Department Contact Information: 

Nikki McDaniel
First Student Location Manager
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